Importance of a good sound system

Importance of a good sound system

Music - A general overview

Not because Im cynical, but because Im a musician, I say with a fear of fear and abundant joy, a basic facts about music: Its not one of necessities of life. Absence, because the life of musicians depends on it, and joy that, although it is not necessary, it thrives all over the world and has been tested on time.

Times continue to change and music has seen an old tribesman, a thousand years before Christ, and a Michael Jackson a few thousand years after that. The amount of reformations music has gone through throughout this time is huge. The complexities it has achieved both in terms of an art form and in terms of technology boggle the mind.

There are two major consequences of how music has developed into a complex art form:

Techniques have been tempted to create technology to simplify the creation of music, and conversely, musicians have been tempted to exploit this technology for the same reason.

The clear repercussion of technological development in the audio field is that the music-making process has become more technologically driven than art-driven.

What does this mean?

This means that many modern schools of music creation attach great importance to a detailed study of technology to help musicians create music. The technical development has been so exponential that it is very hard to believe that a musician a few decades ago can not relate to the music-creating process today.

The sounds that the musicians incorporate into their musical compositions are just no noise without rot. Its easier to get a perspective if these sounds are perceived as waveforms than really sounds. The very purpose of a sound in music is that it creates an image in its mind about the origins. For example, the sound of a Djembe takes one to Africas tribes. Each instrument has the aura, and each instrument creates an image in the listeners mind.

But with todays modern sound, the aura is absent and the effect is created by the overall composition than the sounds alone.

Regardless of the music school, the fact is that it is very important to be able to listen to music as it has been produced.

Purpose of recording and importance for an audio device

As much as dieters rush on the consumption of junk and synthetic food, musicians also make a rubbish sound system. Fortunately or unfortunately, poor sound equipment usually has no harmful health effects. When talking about audio equipment, we must remember that music was born with the universe, while the concept of recording music is very recent. In view of this, we can deduce the very purpose of recording music. In my opinion, recording music is an attempt to maintain a creation, just like a photograph (at least thats how it can be assumed to have begun).

That said, what a technician would aim for is to capture an exact copy of the sounds created by a musical instrument. But creating a system that would capture audio and then a system that would accurately reproduce the captured sound is a complex job. Thanks to the technology, we have such systems today.

What we do not have is unfortunately the awareness of the importance of a good sound system. It is very ironic and surprising how specific we are about how we want our pizzas. It is one of the disadvantages of technology. It has taken away from nature from where it all came. Have listened to music just on the system and say yes to Do you know how drums sound like? is like seeing a picture of Niagara Falls and saying yes to Do you know what Niagara Falls looks like? What you can say is Ive seen some of the best photos of Niagara Falls.

One of the disadvantages of intelligence is that we tend to extrapolate and assume what we see and believe that what we see is actually the reality. A simple test to confirm this is to see something in white light and look the same in a yellow light. Because we know the color of that case we see the same color in both lamps.

The point here is that when we expose ourselves to music in our systems, we believe that what we are listening to is real. Even if you listen to any system does not replace sound, its unbelievable how a good system can improve your experience and listening time. It can help us understand what the artists involved have tried to do. All I want to say is that its as easy as eating our food on a clean plate with a clean spoon and fork.

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